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4 Things To Know About the Gen Z Buyer

October 31, 2023

Gen Z is currently the second-youngest generation, with millennials before and generation alpha after. Like every generation, Gen Z’s behaviors are shaped by how they grew up. According to McKinsey and Company, the first Gen Zers were born when the internet had just achieved widespread use. They’re called “digital natives”—the first generation to grow up with the internet as a part of daily life. 

Gen Z's global share of spend is on the rise, which is why businesses are paying close attention to them. Based on findings from various studies, we gathered the top 4 things businesses need to know about the Gen Z consumer.

1. Sustainability matters.

According to a report by Afterpay, Gen Z cares deeply about sustainability with 49% of Gen Z buying sustainable products when possible. Gen Z are also more likely to abandon brands who do not meet their ethical standards - 1 in 3 Gen Z consumers have abandoned a brand in the last 12 months based on that brand’s reputation for sustainability and ethics. Although sustainability is a key factor in Gen Zs purchasing decisions, Gen Z does not hold grudges. Almost 6 in 10 young consumers are willing to forgive a brand who they previously abandoned - providing that brand changes their practices to be more sustainable and ethical. As a B Corp certified company we put sustainability first for every project we work on.

2. Gen Z is the most optimistic about spending.

According to Square, out of all generations, Gen Z shoppers are the most optimistic about the future of shopping. Square stated that while most Gen Z consumers (77%) expect prices to rise over the next 12 months, only 20% of these shoppers expect to shop less. Another 25% plan to shop even more in the coming year. Compared to the 20% of Millennials and 10% of Gen X and older that plan to shop more in the coming year, Gen Z is poised to be a driver of revenue for businesses.

3. Reviews, incentives, return policies drive purchase.

Gen Z brand loyalty starts from perks like free delivery, discounts, free products, and instant access. Free returns and fast delivery matters more to Gen Z than any other generation, and the Millennial patience of waiting a few business days for delivery does not exist in Gen Z's instant gratification world. Gifts with purchases are a great way to use incentives to drive purchases ( we can help!).

4. They listen to influencers (that they trust)

In addition to their steady interest in becoming influencers, Gen Zers' trust in them is growing: 67% said that they trust influencers to give good advice about the brands or products they promote. This is also why creative unboxing experiences are successful for brands.

With Gen Z spending on the rise, it’s important to reach them in an authentic way. Want to learn more? Or see how we can help with a project targeted to Gen Z? Email us at Hello@harperandscott.com 

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