We are the brand behind your favorite brands.

Our Story

Harper + Scott is the leading design, manufacturing, and delivery studio based in New York City and Guangzhou. Founded by Michael Scott Cohen + Jon Alagem in 2014 to disrupt an archaic landscape, our mission is to produce high quality products to service client needs with speed, transparency, and exceptional customer experiences throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Built with an agency model,
we specialize in strategizing and creating bespoke experiences and products for the world’s largest and most innovative companies.

Why Harper + Scott?

We build brand demand.
We source, create, and make at the speed of light.
We are experts in the complicated.
We're a value oriented, strategic agency.
We're backed by credentials.

Our Story

Founded by Michael Scott Cohen + Jon Alagem in 2014 to disrupt an archaic landscape, our mission is to produce better quality and highly customized products to service client needs with faster, more transparent customer service throughout the production process. 

Why We're Different.

We are the 0.01%

Like you, we know our values, and we stick to them. Harper+Scott is proud to be in the .01% of all companies in the US certified as B Corporation, meaning everything created will be developed with transparency, environmental impact, fair practices and wages, and sustainability in mind. You can rest assured your products come from the right place.

Creativity and Innovation is our DNA

We understand the pressure placed on brands today to meet rising consumer demands for authentic and deeper experiences. We're designed to be your thought-partner always creating within a sweet spot that honors and expands upon your brands authenticity and what makes your specific consumer unique. This is where brand magic happens.

Speed + Transparency

From communications to sampling to fulfillment, our turnarounds are setting new industry benchmarks. To our clients, we work more as a partner, than a vendor, offering enhanced transparency and responsiveness throughout the project lifecycle.

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