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Best Practices for an eCommerce Website

November 10, 2023

Creating the optimal eCommerce website and user experience can be challenging. There are many design choices to make and each decision can either make or break a sale. Here are five tips that will help increase your website conversions. 

1. Capture your customer with the homepage

A hero image of your “signature” product on the home page is one good UX practice for homepages. A quality image captures their attention (which you only have a few seconds to do). Additionally, adding popular product subcategories in subsequent screens to direct users to other areas of your website helps the user get straight to a relevant page without relying on the site’s main navigation or search feature. Minimizing the steps in the purchase path is one of the popular conversion rate optimization strategies for eCommerce websites.

2. Perfect the navigation bar

It’s one of the key factors determining your site’s usability. If done right visitors will be able to explore and interact with your site intuitively, and find what they’re looking for easily. Make it easy to find, keep it simple, and be direct. The navigation bar is not an area to get creative or practice your catchy copywriting abilities.

3. Easy checkout is key

For starters, minimize the forms that need to be filled out and accept multiple options for payment (apple pay, paypal, shop). A quick and easy payment process increases the chances of a consumer expediting their purchase decision by 89%, and 95% of consumers agree that fast, easy delivery options are must-have factors when ordering online. 

4. Display product reviews and ratings

Shoppers mostly rely on verified product reviews when deciding on a purchase. According to Northwestern's research center, the likelihood of selling a product with five reviews is 270% higher than a product with zero reviews. If your goal is to maximize your conversion rates, design a review area.

There’s a lot to consider when creating an eCommerce webstore. We’re here to help. If you’d like more eCommerce tips, and to see our case studies check out our latest focus feature. Want to get started on an eCommerce project? Reach out to us at hello@harperandscott.com

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