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Prints + Materials for Fall '23 + Winter '24

July 14, 2023


Fall trends are repurposing quilt fashion and mixing and matching playful colors and prints. Elevate your tote bag, travel pouch or accent pillow with by layering different fabrics to fit the vibe of the season. This nostalgic style can spice up any item and add a comforting and cozy flare for your next product order. It’s the Vera Bradley resurgence we’ve all been waiting for.

Very Velvet

Over the last few years, consumers have demonstrated an increasing desire to be stimulated by materials that offer tactility. Velvet provides the sought after sensory quality, while still looking luxe. Customers are drawn to statement products with an interactive element, such as a smooth touch and elegant silhouette. As we approach colder seasons, experiment with a velvet fabric for any retail collections and/or unique holiday gifting programs.


This iconic print reemerged on the market during the pandemic and gained worldwide popularity. As we look ahead to Fall ‘23 and Winter ‘24 forecasts, fashion trends are featuring the ever present theme of duality. Checkered fabrics combine multiple aesthetics; the retro 60s and 70s interior decor with preppy MacKenzie Childs flare. Whether it’s apparel or accessories, the playful print translates well and adds depth to any product. Checkerboard doesn’t go out of style.

High End Tie-Dye

Designers are continuously reimagining the scope for this childhood favorite. Tie-dye styles are constantly evolving and taking on new form. 

What many are now referring to as “blur prints,” this updated and sophisticated take on tie-dye allows for a tasteful upgrade to any product. Expect to see different types of combination on bold colors. 

Find a way to incorporate traditional tie-dye elements into your next hoodie or bucket hat. The possibilities are endless. 

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Related Posts

Related Posts