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We Go Beyond: Celebrating B Corp Month

March 1, 2023

We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation.

Joining the ranks of forward-thinking brands such as Patagonia, Athleta, and AllBirds in 2020, our B Corp Certification is fundamental to our mission to build better brands while also reinforcing our unwavering commitment to social responsibility at every touch.

In honor of B Corp Month, we’re expressing the ways that We Go Beyond. As a B Corp certified company, we take pride in achieving this 0.01%. So let's get into what is B corp and why it is important to us! 

B Corporation (also B Lab or B Corp) is a private certification of for-profit companies of their "social and environmental performance". For B Corp certification, a business must score at least 80 out of 200 points on the B Impact Assessment, which is the tool used by B Lab to assess the business's impact on it workers, community, environment, and customers

Our B Corp Certification is fundamental to our mission to build better brands while also reinforcing our unwavering commitment to social responsibility at every touch.

As a Certified B Corp with a team of people committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment, we approach every project with sustainability as a top priority.  Harper + Scott meets our customer’s needs for goods and services in a way that promotes positive outcomes not only for the business itself, but for the economy, environment and society. 

From concept to materials to delivery, we make things people actually want, things that are reusable, with materials that are upcycled, recyclable, or compostable. 

Our business meets the highest standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency across employee benefits, give back initiatives, and responsible supply chain practices and input materials.

Some of our current initiatives include:

  • Diverse Supplier Vendor Partnerships
  • DE&I Initiatives
  • Carbon Neutral Shipping Program
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  • Sustainability Driven Design + Packaging
  • 100% Compliance of CPSC Banned Substances 
  • Internal B-Corp Committee 
  • EcoVadis Silver Rating

Among our accreditations, we are also a proud member of Sedex, one of the leading ethical trade service organizations. SEDEX is an innovative and effective supply chain management solution that helps reduce risk, protect company reputation and improve supply chain practices. We are committed to responsible sourcing and sustainable production models that improve working conditions across the global supply chain. Additionally, in 2021, EcoVadis recognized Harper + Scott with a distinguished Silver rating, further certifying our position as a market leader in transparent practices and standards across all labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Harper + Scott was launched on the principles of embracing and driving change. Making things better is at the core of our ethos and mission, and a driving force behind our decision to become a Certified B Corporation. We found it only fitting to join thousands of like-minded industry leaders and for-profit companies who were using the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. It is critical to preserve not only our resources but humanity itself. Interested in learning more about our B Corp certification? Reach out to us at hello@harperandscott.com.

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