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ASI Announces Co-Founders of Harper + Scott as 2023 Counselor Entrepreneurs of the Year

Harper + Scott co-founders Michael Scott Cohen and Jon Alagem are awarded the 2023 Counselor Entrepreneurs of the Year by The Advertising Speciality Institute.
New York, NY – July 27, 2023The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI), the largest promotional products technology, marketing and information provider in the $26 billion promotional products industry, today announced Harper + Scott’s Co-Founders, Michael Scott Cohen and Jon Alagem, as the 2023 Counselor® Entrepreneurs of the Year. 

Counselor Awards recipients were honored Wednesday, July 26, at an evening ceremony at the McCormick Place convention center during ASI’s annual Chicago trade show. Profiles of the industry leaders, humanitarians and family businesses chosen for a Counselor Award are now live at

ASI has honored Counselor Awards recipients annually since 1964.

“The highly coveted Counselor Awards pays tribute to the extraordinary accomplishments of our industry’s most inspiring leaders,” said Timothy M. Andrews, ASI President and Chief Executive Officer. “ASI is delighted to honor Harper + Scott’s hard work and applaud Jon and Michael’s considerable efforts.”
“We recognized the power of unity early on.” says CEO and Co-Founder Michael Scott Cohen. “Our main priority is maintaining the growth of our company and motivating our team to come to work, build a career, and feel proud of their contribution.” “Our team is everything and we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone at Harper + Scott,” says Jon Alagem, President and Co-Founder. “None of this would be possible without their support and the collaborative efforts from our suppliers and mentors. This industry proves that rising tides indeed lift all boats, and we are but one boat in this vast ocean. ASI, thank you for this honor, let's continue to rise together!”

About Harper + Scott
Harper + Scott is the brand behind your favorite brands. Headquartered in NYC with a global footprint, Harper + Scott is the leading creative agency specializing in the design and production of branded merchandise and private label goods. A Certified B Corp organization, Harper + Scott partners with the world's best brands to design, produce, and deliver high quality, sustainable branded merchandise that bolster brand awareness and drive authentic customer experiences at every touch. For more information, visit

About ASI
The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI®; serves a network of 25,000 suppliers, distributors and decorators in the $25.8 billion promotional products industry. Visit ASI at and on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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