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Beauty Tips for Fall ‘23 + Winter ‘24

September 1, 2023

We all want a space that we enjoy and that makes getting ready enjoyable! As we tread towards the colder months, beauty trends are entering the home since all bathrooms and vanity counters could use some more decor. Who doesn't want a cute tray or hand towel to remind you of your favorite beauty brand or product? 

DIY “Everything Shower”

The concept of an “everything shower” started on Tik Tok and is a great example of the evolving desires of the beauty consumers. Today beauty lovers want products that help them indulge in self care and romanticize their 10 step shower routine for hair wash days.For this upcoming Fall/Winter know that the key to your customer’s heart is self care!

Curate What’s in Your Bag.

Beauty consumers are always looking for ways to glamorize the mundane and find out which products are in what person’s polkabook. Elevated accessories make any ordinary errand or day at work appear more luxurious and are more of what we need when the days get colder and shorter!

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